March .2018 Announcing Project Menthol.
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May .2017 Paper Accepted in Patter Recognition
HEp-2 cell classification with Vector of Hierarchically Aggregated Residuals

09.03.2017 PhD Defence: Dimitris Kastaniotis"
Title "Activity Recognition using multi-level machine learning methods"

University of Patras Computer Vision Group (UPCV)

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University of Patras Computer Vision (UPCV) Group, is an active research group under the Electronics Laboratory (ELLAB) of Physics Department. UPCV is participating in two Master Degree Programs providing Lectures on Digital Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. Main research interest areas are:

1. Deep Learning
2. Action Recognition
3. Biometrics
4. Biomedical Data Analysis /Classification
5. Real Time Computer Vision Applications
6. Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Currently the team is composed by 3 faculty members, 5 PhD candidates, 2 post Docs and several MSC Students. UP Computer Vision Group, is a member of "Biometria" Academic Research Network, working on state of the art biometric research. UPCV group is working jointly with computer vision industry companies developing several state of the art real time computer vision applications.

ICPR 2014 Contest on "Performance Evaluation of Indirect Immunofluorescence Image Analysis Systems"

Our team participated the contest in "Performance Evaluation of Indirect Immunofluorescence Image Analysis Systems" hosted by the 22nth International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). The contest session was held on August 24th, 2014 at the Stockholm Waterfront in Sweden. The contest jointly organized by the University of Salerno (Italy) and the University of Queensland (Australia) with the support of the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP)- Queensland Medical Testi Laboratory, (Australia).
Our team ranked in the third position in Task 1 (Cell Level Classification). Read more here:

Dr. Stavros Dimitriades PhD Thesis awarded as the Best Thesis in 2013 (in Greece)!
Dr. Stavris Dimitriadis PhD Thesis awarded by the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) -formerly known as Informatics and Telematics Institute - Thessaloniki - Greece. Read more here (in Greek):


publications_logo In Publications page you can find a list of the most recent UPCV group publications. Most of UPCV group publications also have an acompying project page.
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Projects UPCV group is working on several Computer Vision projects. Regions of interest are: Motion Analysis, Multimedia Retrieval, Biometrics, Biomedical Data Analysis/Classification and Pattern Recognition. Here you can find the most recent projects of UPCV Group.
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lectures_logo Since November of 2012, UPCV is organizing a series of Lectures on Computer Vision, focusing on recent advances of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Lectures are free and are addressed for undergraduate, MSc students, PhD candidates and Academic stuff. View Lectures